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Research Activities

secteur Matériaux

The "Mechanics and Materials" division

The field of activity:

All the aspects of the modeling for the behavior, damage and fracture of materials.

The objective:
 To develop predictive models for simulating the behavior of structures during their manufacture or use. The modeling techniques used are more and more varied, but particular attention is always paid to the identification and experimental validation of the models.

secteur structures et systèmes

The"Structures and Systems" division

Areas of activity:

The modeling and computing of mechanical structures and systems.

The objectives:

are to reduce the current limitations in modeling and computing, to control the calculations as well as the results and therefore the models used. Particular attention is paid to composite materials and structures, as well as the methods of structure elaboration and their impact on integrity. Even if basic research plays a significant role in our studies, most research is conducted in close collaboration with industry, going as far as the realization of software prototypes.

secteur Génie Civil

"Civil and Environmental Engineering" division

Areas of activity:

 The applications are related to civil engineering and more particularly to the analysis and design of constructions subjected to extreme mechanical and environmental conditions, the development of new  materials, the modeling of their mechanical behavior and their durability in a given environment. Though our studies are usually inspired by industrial problems, our studies generally lead to the development of new scientific approaches. The research projects are structured in order to provide complete solutions to complex industrial problems.

Accordingly, our research is often multidisciplinary with numerical simulations, carried out in the LMT-Cachan Computer Centre and experimental studies carried out at the LMT-Cachan test centre.

Research support

To complete its research, LMT-Cachan has three support structures: