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A computational framework for brittle crack-propagation based on efficient vir- tual element method

Ali Hussein, Fadi Aldakheel, Blaˇz Hudobivnik, Peter Wriggers, Pierre-Alain Guidault, and Olivier Allix. Finite Elements in Analysis and Design, 159:15–32, July 2019.


An efficient low order virtual element method (VEM) for crack-propagation in elastic solids at small strains is outlined within this work. The recently developed VEM is a competitive discretization scheme for meshes with highly irregular shaped elements and arbitrary number of nodes. The formulation in this contribution is based on minimization of an energy expression with stabilization techniques for brittle fracture in 2D problems. Novel aspect here is the development of robust cutting techniques through elements for crack propagation in two-dimensional solids using VEM. The performance of the formulation is underlined by means of representative examples.