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Experimental assessment of damage-thermal diffusivity relationship in unidirectional fibre-reinforced composite under axial tensile test

Jalal El Yagoubi, Jacques Lamon, Jean-Christophe Batsale, and Marion Le Flem. Acta Materialia, 173:302–312, July 2019.

Matrix craking

Matrix craking


The influence of damage on thermal properties is an important issue for the design of reliable ceramic matrix composites for high temperature applications. This work is devoted to the experimental study of this influence on SiC/SiC minicomposite. This single tow reinforced composite is appropriate to investigating the damage mechanisms and thermal behavior. Relationships between the properties of constituents (fibre/matrix/interface) and behavior of the assembly can be established. Nevertheless, the literature review showed that no experimental study has focused on the thermal behavior during mechanical tests. Lock-in thermography was used to measure the thermal diffusivity during tensile tests on minicomposites while acoustic emission technique allowed monitoring damage. In this work, it is demonstrated that the evolution of the thermal diffusivity competes favorably with acoustic emission and Young's modulus as a reliable indicator of matrix damage.