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Wrinkling Modes and Instabilities in Elastomer Substrates and Bilayers

le 28 novembre 2013

John W. Hutchinson, School of Engineering and Applied Sciences Harvard University



Recent research activities in soft materials have generated a rich array of new experimental and theoretical observations on wrinkling modes of compressed single-layer elastomers and bilayers comprised of a stiff thin film on a thick compliant elastomer substrate.  The research has arisen within the relatively new field of soft materials mechanics.  The seminar will begin with examples drawn from experimental work by a number of investigators.  Then, an overview will be presented of recent theoretical work describing different kinds of wrinkling modes and their stability with emphasis on both initial wrinkling modes and secondary modes that arise as the compression is increased above the onset of wrinkling.  Advanced localized modes such as folds, creases and ridges will be described.  Contrasts between single-layer and bilayer behaviors will be drawn.  In particular, the exceptional stability of the sinusoidal wrinkling mode of a stiff thin film on a compliant substrate is contrasted the highly unstable and imperfection-sensitive behavior of wrinkling of a compressed half-space of elastomer.  Wrinkling of a compressed elastomer half-space is highly unstable due to nonlinear interaction among the multiple modes leading to collapse into a finite amplitude crease.

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Séminaires - conférences
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Campus de Cachan
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Bâtiment Léonard De Vinci de - ENS Cachan
61, avenue du Président Wilson 94230 Cachan
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Recherche d'une actualité