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Recherche - Valorisation

Étude physique et modélisation numérique de l’endommagement d’alliages d’aluminium – application au sertissage –

le 18 janvier 2013

Soutenance de Amir OUESLATI, ENS Cachan, Domaine Mécanique, Génie Mécanique, Génie Civil

This study takes place in the context of vehicle weight reduction through the use of aluminium alloys for car body parts. It aims to develop and validate a methodology to predict numerically the risk of damage to these alloys on a hemming operation. The study was conducted on three types of aluminium alloys, one in 5xxx series - without age hardening - and two in 6xxx series - with age hardening.The elasto-plastic behaviour of the studied alloys is modelled by an orthotropic elasticity law, an anisotropic yield criterion associated to a mixed isotropic-kinematic hardening law. The yield function is modelled by the Hill criterion, Banabic 2005 criterion and a three-dimensional version of the latter one proposed by Pr. Cordebois. These models are identified from tests results instrumented by digital image correlation. The aging of these alloys was characterized as a function of time with mechanical tests and measures. The experimental results served to identify an age hardening model for the studied 6xxx alloys and its coupling to the mechanical behaviour. Damage to these materials was also characterized as a function of time. A ductile damage model based on Lemaitre 85 model and a failure criterion was developed and validated for different loading paths. Finally, the validation of the developed elasto-plastic and damage models was performed by correlation of finite element simulations with tests results for two different types of hemming processes and various parameters.
Type :
Thèses - HDR
Lieu(x) :
Campus de Cachan

Composition du jury:

Mme Élisabeth Massoni, CEMEF - MINES ParisTech (Rapporteur)
Mme Sandrine Thuillier, LIMATB - UBS (Rapporteur)
M. Djimédo Kondo, Institut Jean le Rond d'Alembert (Examinateur)
Mme Salima Bouvier, Laboratoire Roberval (Examinateur)
M. Patrice Auger, PSA Peugeot Citroen (Examinateur)
M. René Billardon, LMT Cachan (Directeur de thèse)
M. Olivier Hubert, LMT Cachan (Co-directeur de thèse)
M. Benoît Lenne, PSA Peugeot Citroen (Invité)

UPMC - École doctorale SMAER


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