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Recherche - Valorisation

Thermodynamique des processus dissipatifs dans les géomatériaux

le 17 juillet 2013

Soutenance HDR de Mr Ali KARESH,ENS Cachan, Domaine : Mécanique, Génie Mécanique, Génie Civil

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Résumé de la thèse :
Thermodynamics offers a valuable framework to develop constitutive models for ge- omaterials. Along with the basic principles of mechanics, it ensures that mass, energy, entropy, and momenta are exchanged in a coherent manner without aberrant instabilities. In particular, the principles of non-equilibrium thermodynamics of dissipative processes in geomaterials combined with extrema constraints such as the principle of maximum dissipation deliver key relationships between thermodynamic forces to fluxes. This idea and its applications to the behavior of geomaterials is emphasized along this report. The geomechanical problems tackled herein include (i) ratcheting in granular materials: a dis- sipative processes which account for inter-granular energy losses due to cyclic loading, (ii) continuum damage mechanics at relatively high temperature and pressure of geomaterials: the novelty at this level is in the introduction of coupled viscous effects and lithostatic pressure as key components affecting materials degradation, (iii) frame indifferent loga- rithmic large transformations and (iv) coupling of thermal-hydraulic-mechanical modeling of geomaterials undergoing large transformations.
Type :
Thèses - HDR
Lieu(x) :
Campus de Cachan

Composition du jury:

  • M. BENALLAL Ahmed, Directeur de Recherche, ENS Cachan, Examinateur
  • M. DUHAMEL Denis, Professeur, Ecoles Polytechnique et Ponts Paritech, Examinateur
  • M. BUSSO Esteban, Professeur, Ecole des Mines Paritech, Rapporteur
  • Mme. MODERESSI Ar ezou, Professeure, Ecole Centrale de Paris, Rapporteur
  • M. HICHER Pierre-Yves, Professeur, Ecole Centrale de Nantes, Rapporteur



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