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Cement and Concrete Research Using X-rays at the Advanced Light Source in Berkeley

le 26 mars 2015

Paulo J.M. MONTEIRO, Professor at Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of California at Berkeley, interviendra à l'ENS de Cachan lors du séminaire du LMT

Nanotomography of a Roman Concrete (Jackson et al. Journal of American Ceramics Society, AUG 2013)

Nanotomography of a Roman Concrete (Jackson et al. Journal of American Ceramics Society, AUG 2013)


Hydration of cementitious materials has been studied for a long time and many theoretical models are available. However, there is fairly limited information on in-situ visualization of the hydration process in real time.  Direct observation is inherently flawed because microscopy techniques that allow high enough resolution often require destructive drying of the sample.  Environmental Scanning Electron Microscopy (ESEM) allows moist samples to be monitored, but it is difficult to get good resolution for very wet cement samples at early ages and observation is limited to surfaces, which are not representative.

In this talk I will present soft x-ray transmission microscopy.  The soft x-ray microscope utilizes radiation generated by a synchrotron source and it has been successfully used to study real-time hydration reactions.  I will discuss why soft X-ray microscopy is providing new insights on the cement hydration and on deleterious reactions. Both the advances and disadvantages of using full field and scanning microscopy will be analyzed.
Recent developments on a dedicated spectromicroscope to study cements will be introduced and new results of nanotomography with resolution of 20 nm to study cement hydration products will be presented. Finally, new methods to measure the mechanical properties of crystals and nanocrystals at the atomic level are discussed.
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Séminaires - conférences
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Campus de Cachan
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Bâtiment Léonard De Vinci de - ENS Cachan
61, avenue du Président Wilson 94230 Cachan
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