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Modeling and simulation framework for the mechanical response of nano-composites

le 16 avril 2015

Raimund Rolfes, Professor at Institute of Structural Analysis, Leibniz Universität Hannover, interviendra à l'ENS de Cachan lors du séminaire du LMT


The general weight problem in aviation and automobile industries or the increasing environmental consciousness - these are only two reasons for the necessity of the development and amendment of effective materials.

Nano-composites, in the sense of particle reinforced carbon composites, are representative of such high performance materials. Compared to conventional composite materials, the particle reinforcement is mainly responsible for increased matrix dominated mechanical properties, like strength in compression, shear strength or impact resistance.

The arising of new materials requires the development of new simulation methods, intended to gain a better understanding of the underlying mechanisms of the particle reinforcement and to perform virtual material design, in equal measure.
Thus, a multi-scale simulation method based on the Molecular Dynamic Finite Element Method (MDFEM) with the purpose of calculating the mechanical response of nano-composites is presented.

Insights on the beneficial effects of nano-particles, the basics of the molecular dynamics and MDFEM as well as the close to reality model generation using special in-house software will be given. Furthermore, MDFEM-simulations will be explained and illustrated with the specific example of a boehmite reinforced epoxy.

The Bridging Domain Method for the coupling of MDFEM and classical FEM simulations is shown and compared to other coupling methods. Concluding, an overview on current research at ISD in the field of simulation on nano-scale is presented.
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Séminaires - conférences
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Campus de Cachan
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Bâtiment Léonard De Vinci de - ENS Cachan
61, avenue du Président Wilson 94230 Cachan
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